Hello world or English verison of the blog

Hi, I think I need to write something like this post and I guess nobody will read this, but it doesn't matter.

All information about who am I you can find here so I think there is no need to introduce me twice, but my plans. I'm a FullStack Python Developer and I plan to post here some notes and thoughts about Python, Django, Linux and all the topics I've interested in.

First of all, this helps me to better understand what I've learned, systematize my knowledge. I hope it will improve my language skills because English is not my mother tongue, so if you find any mistakes or things that can be improved, please let me know.

For some reason comments for English and Ukrainian version now displays to all of the articles, I don't think it's a big issue but will try to fix it shortly.

My blog is powered by Pelican with custom theme, all the stuff you can find on my GitHub.


Feel free to ask me questions or ask for code review, follow me on Twitter. Stay tuned ;)

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